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About Lion Tourism, Hotel & Business College

Lion Ethiopia Tourism, Hotel, & Business College are a private higher institution located in the capital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia providing quality education in the fields Tourism, Hotel & Business. It was established in 2005 (1995 E.C) with the name Lion Ethiopia Tourism & Hotel Institute.
The College is the first pioneered private academic institution in providing education in the area of Tourism & Hotel in the country. The courses available for training encompasses in the field of Tourism and Hotel like Tour and Travel Operation and Tour Guiding services, Hotel Management, Front Office, Housekeeping & Laundry Services, Food and Beverage Services and Food Preparationand and also in the field of Business like Accounting & Finance and Marketing Management. Our programs are extended with Business courses for our students to have more option for their career path.

Nowadays, the College is sufficiently organized in facilities and manpower. It is equipped with materials necessary for proper teaching – learning processes. Besides, it has a well-trained academic and administrative staff member who is well acquainted with the field of required educational areas. The College understands that Tourism and Hotel (Hospitality) and also the Business Service sector are very vital for the development of Ethiopia. Today, the hospitality industry is known and practiced as a vital sector for economic growth and development in many countries. Without going very far, our neighboring African countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt are benefiting a lot from the industry. On the other hand, Ethiopia, a country with immense natural and socio – cultural resources has not benefited much out of its wealth. Although there can be a number of reasons for this, the lack of trained & competent man power in the field is considered to be as one of the major problems. Addressing this issue has been the central objective of Lion Ethiopia Tourism, Hotel & Business College. It has trained young personnel in the field to contribute its part to the effort being made at national level in many ways. Now, it aims at raising its training programs in addition to existing fields of education to the level that contributes to the need for more trained professionals to the developing economic sectors in the country.

Statement From the Managing Director
Dear Students,
I feel proud to have you on behalf of administrative and academic staff of Lion Ethiopia Tourism Hotel and Business College. It is really an honor to serve you as head of the college of your choice where your dreams to come true. I know that how much effort you are prepared to exert to cope up with the challenges in the learning process while you are in our college.
Dear students, I don’t have the slightest doubt that you will graduate grasping many life skills & go confidently in the direction of your dreams & to pursue your professional endeavor in every corner of the world and serve with excellence.
I would like to say thank you! for choosing our college to underpin your career’s journey. Be grateful for embracing and respecting what we are to offer you.
Hopefully, together we will start another chapter for our college in the coming years where new challenges are always ahead of us.
Finally, to student families, I would like to thank for choosing our college and for life time investment you are about to make on your loved ones.
 Managing Director, Mohamed Awol


Statement From the Dean
On behalf of Lion Ethiopia Tourism Hotel and Business College, It is my pleasure to extend sincere thanks to all our new and former students for choosing us as your partner to find quality education. The former students have been exceptional representatives of the college wherever they go as a model in their professional attributes. I have no doubt that the new students will follow the ways and continue to take part of your self-comitment which enables you really successful in your learning achievements too.
Dear Students, I recommend you to always keep in mind why you are here in the college & to choose your respective field of study and sacrifices that you have to make during your stay.
Therefore, be always a hard working citizen & responsible to acquire more knowledge, skill and desirable attitudes and best experience through your multi-dimentional learning opportunities while in your life time.
Dean of Lion Ethiopia Tourism, Hotel & Business College,
Zerihun Mekonen




Lion Ethiopia Tourism and Hotel College has a vision to be one of the leading higher institutions in Ethiopia, in the area of Tourism and Hotel Management: education, training, research, professional consultancy and other relevant services on university, there by contributing in the improvement of access, relevancy, quality and efficiency.

Goal & Objectives

  • To provide a clear understanding about the basic concepts, notations, ideas theories, aspects and principles of Tourism and Hotel Management.

  • To equip trainees with the major skills of Tour Guide, Tour Operation ,Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Front Office Operation, Food and Beverage Service and Food Preparation and other related fields.

  • To provide foundation for the necessary  professional ethics;

  • To promote trainees appreciation of the values of natural and cultural heritage;

  • To give sound understanding about the historical /cultural  and geographical attractions of Ethiopia;

  • To enhance students self –employment potential and to promote their positive attitude towards work;

  • To enhance students’ business and communication skills.

  • To develop trainees understanding about the common and current national and international affairs/issues in relation to Tourism and Hotel .


Based on the country’s education and training policy, the institution desired to address the following organizational missions:
  • Contribute to the country’s effort of satisfying the country’ need  for skilled manpower through cultivating the cognitive, creative, productive and appreciative personalities of citizens ;
  • Develop the knowledge of Tourism and Hotel industries in Ethiopia:
  • Enhance professionalism in the tourism and hotel management field of practices and study by producing /upgrading skilled professionals at regular or extension and short term training programs;
  • Contribute in the country’s effort of producing environmentally and socio-cultural responsible generations;
  • Promote citizens entrepreneurship capability; and
  • Operate with reasonable profit by providing quality services and customers satisfaction.




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