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The College has received accreditation for the Training Programs mentioned at Degree and TVET-Levels in Hotel, Tourism and Business Fields.
Degree (BA) Programs


Hotel Management
Business Courses:
Accounting & Finance
Level Training Programs in Hotel Management
Hotel Operation      Level-I & II
Front Office Operation   Level-III
Front Office Supervision    Level-IV
Food & Beverage Service   Level-III
Food & Beverage Service Supervision   Level-IV
Food & Beverage Control     Level-III & IV
Housekeeping Service Operation   Level-III
Housekeeping & Laundry Supervision   Level-IV


Short Term Trainings in Hotel Management
Hotel Operation
Front Office Service
Food & Beverage Service
Food & Beverage Control
Housekeeping & Laundry
Hotel Management
Kitchen Operation
Foreign Dish Cooking
Catering Operation
Level Training Programs in Food Preparation
Kitchen Operation    Level-I & II
Foreign Dish Cooking     Level-III
Confectionery, Baking & Pastry Making   Level-III
Food Production Supervision   Level-IV
Level Training Programs in Tourism
Tourism Service   Level-I & II
Tour Guiding     Level-III
Travel Agent Service     Level-III
Tour Operation Supervision    Level-IV
Tourism Marketing    Level-IV


Short Term Trainings in:
Tourism Service
Tour Guiding
Travel Agent Service
Tour Operation


Level Training Programs in Business & Finance:
Basic Clerical Work       Level-I
Clerical Works Support    Level-II
Basic Account Works       Level-II
Accounts and Budget Support     Level-III
Marketing Services       Level-III
Accounts and Budget Services     Level-IV
Marketing Operations Coordination    Level-IV


Admission Requirement for the programs

To be eligible to apply for anyone of the Technical and Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Level programs available, applicants should have to secure an Entrance points according to the regulation set by Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, to be eligible to apply for undergraduate Degree program, applicants should secure the pass mark of the National Preparatory Program Completion Examination or certified from TVET-college level/Diploma programs, possess National Certificate of Competence (CoC) Level I to IV and fulfilling other requirements accordingly



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