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Students Affairs:
Students rules and regulations need to be communicated to enable them understand their rights and responsibilities. This will greatly contribute to effective Institutional functioning, fair procedures for investigation of charges of violations of the rules and sections to be considered to deter violation. This section includes student rights and responsibilities, reasons for disciplinary actions, code of conduct, student disciplinary committee and decision –making and responsibilities.


Students': Code Of Conduct:

~ Serious breach of any regulation issued by the authorities of the institution such as Laboratory cafeteria, library etc.
~ Continuous  failure to attend regularly scheduled classes or other normal institutional programs.
~ The spread or dissemination by oral or written means a defamatory materi8al concerning the institution or other members of the community.
~ Disorderly conduct, assault, the threat of such conduct or incitement there to.
~ Dishonest conducts such as theft, cheating, etc… are strictly forbidden.
~ Cheating in exams, plagiarism and related offenses.
~ Disrupting regularly scheduled and legal educational processes as an individual or a group.
~ Unauthorized initiation, organization or promotion of any student meeting or demonstration.
~ Posting and distributing unauthorized and illegal pamphlets and other written materials.
~ Failure to use the institutions books properly such as removing some pages underlining, or hiding etc.
~ Writing on table walls, chairs and lab equipment of the institution.
~ Possession or hiding of dangerous weapons such as knives, firearms etc.
~ Rape of fighting in the College premises.
~ Intoxication, the use chat and other addiction prone substances within the compound of institution.
~ Curfew violation, using unauthorized entrances such as fences.
~ Allowing unauthorized person to use identification or meal cards to gain access to the facilities of the institution.
~ Illegal disposal of food and other materials within the compound.
~ Remove or altering information posted on bulletin boards. ~ Attempt to assault students or other member of the community with dangerous weapons.


Students Responsibilities:

Lab reports given by the teacher according to the time schedule.
~ A student is expected to present with in the institution so as to register and fulfill the necessary requirements before normal classes.
~ A Student is responsible for taking the advice of academic advisor, administrations, faculty and staff of the institution.
~ A student is responsible to carefully handle and utilize properly all educational materials and other properties of the institution.
~ A student is responsible for respecting the orders and an advice of the administration on prohibited comers within the institution.
~ A student is responsible to reserve him/her self from all addiction substances and backward traditional practices.
~ A student is responsible for respecting the rights of others and not to violate these rights.
~ A Student is responsible not to share lend or transfer to others any kind of materials and services given by the institution for a personal use.
~ Students are responsible to keep themselves clean and used materials efficiently and carefully.
~ A student is responsible to replace materials for which they have signed in case they lost or damage or pay the required amount.
~ A student is responsible to report to appropriate authority any facts within his knowledge, which would appear to the violation of the code of conduct.
~ A student is responsible to participate in all types of activities when required for the betterment of the institution.
~ Students are responsible for having their ID cards and show and return to authorities on request.
~ A student is responsible not to keep materials, which are supposed to be shared commonly.
~ A student is responsible for respecting the rules and regulations regarding cafeteria, library, laboratory and classrooms.
~ A student is responsible to protect garden areas and work towards beautification of the campus.
~ A student is responsible not to offend other members of the institution through unacceptable dressing style, ways of expression and other gestures.
~ A student is responsible for returning all the property of the institution at the end of academic year –or during withdrawal.

Students' Rights:

~ The right to use libraries other facilities according to regulations set.
~ The right to participate in club organized based on age, sex educational and research related fields under the umbrella of their organization.
~ The right to assemble, freedom of speech, and press publication and distribution of materials.
~ Through student dean and coordination the right to participate in committee’s as disciplines, recreation, etc.
~ The right to be treated equally in part time job opportunities outside the institution.
~ The right to petition and case to all the concerned authorities stage by stage and obtain decisions and demand reversal of unfair decisions.
~ The right to bring evidences and complaints against cases they are accused or penalized for.
~ The right to be readmitted on the basis of the regulation to the institution once they quit their education due to some causes
( birth, sickness etc).
~ The right to be evaluated based on academic performance and ability without discrimination and obtains a copy of their grades at the end of the academic semester.

~ The right to apply for re-evaluation of exam paper presenting concrete evidences for errors committed.
~ The right to obtain an official document verifying completion the program of the institution.
~ The right to acquire administration support, counseling and guidance service in cases of academic or behavioral complications.


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